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BECSLInk Conference 22 March 2017

Please Mind the Gap

Third Conference hailed a great success.

Inspirational Presenters gave practical and strategic advice on how educators, by engaging the stakeholders within their communities, can manage the educational funding gap and the gap between the advantaged and the disadvantaged.
Sir David Carter, National Commissioner for Schools:
“We have one education system and all our executive leaders need to think beyond the current capacity of education, stressing the value of what they do in their schools and growing the capacity of communities beyond their own”


Richard Garrett, CEO of BECSLink, The Social Mobility Network,
“Minding the funding and the social mobility gap requires a change in mindset. We need to remove the barriers that exist between Business, Education, Charity, and Sports organisations that share the vision of helping the most disadvantaged young people in our society. We need to remove the 10 foot high fences around our schools; think nationally and globally; and understand the importance of collaboration over competition.”


Tim Henman OBE, The Tim Henman Foundation:

“There is a model and structure for educational community engagement that started in 1813 at Reed’s School, in Cobham, and that has been developed over recent years to become ‘the model’ for others to follow. This is why my foundation supports their work.”


Mark Hoskins, Headmaster of Reed’s School, Cobham,
“Education is predicated by failing pupils For some to achieve others must fail. Education should be about finding out what children can do (and giving them confidence) rather than telling them what they can’t do (and crushing it).

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