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At the heart of every effective charity lies a passion to make a real difference.

Through our extensive network of members, we help you connect your charity with businesses and other organisations that share a passion for providing powerful social mobility opportunities to needy and deserving young people.

We also create opportunities for you to establish mutually beneficial partnerships, and raise the reputation of your charity both locally and nationally.


Caring for the Community

Claudine started helping out at charities and community events from a young age. Now she has established an NGO to help young people in poor communities resist the peer pressure to get involved with drug and alcohol abuse. She would love to expand her project to include communities in a larger area.

For a small charity, being seen is often the greatest hurdle. BECSLink allows charities to interact directly with other organisations that truly care.

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“There is a lot happening between the independent and state sectors, and we are keen to encourage more. I am always struck by how keen businesses and charities are to work with schools, but often they do not know how to do so in an efficient way. BECSLink Communities are excellent at enabling this, while tying in with what we’re doing with the Careers Company.”

Lord Nash, Parliamentary Under Secretary for Schools, The Department of Education.

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