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Responsible Partnerships

Your corporate social responsibility investment holds great potential to change the lives of young people across Britain.

BECSLink connects your company with partners in our social mobility network of like-minded education, charity and sports & arts organisations.

We create opportunities to form strong beneficial relationships, and enable you to realise the full potential of your investment.

We also provide marketing, funding, and corporate social responsibility support and guidance through our personalised consulting service, all backed by appropriate research.

Our approach not only ensures an increase in brand reputation and visibility, but presents numerous recruitment and retention opportunities, while giving you access to an entire network of other businesses.


Bright Futures

Briony is the financial manager of a large corporation. She also has a passion for her community, and especially the young people within it. Briony believes every child deserves an equal opportunity in life, and would love to see her company get more involved in making this a reality.

BECSLink helps businesses not only invest in the future of Britain’s youth, but also to promote themselves by connecting with like-minded organisations on a professional level.

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“The philosophy of BECSLink is superb. The option to engage local business, education, charity and sports organisations with an integrated network of primary, secondary and independent schools for the benefit of students is simply a great idea. The collaboration and cost savings of being part of a BECSLink Community also brings real benefits.”

Kevan Walsh, CEO Zenergi.

BECSLink Business Membership costs £250 per annum, of which £100 will be donated to its nominated charity:
The Tim Henman Foundation.