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We’re an organisation committed to the social mobility of young people. 

Social Mobility is a movement for change and we believe a united education sector harnessing the wider energy of society and immediate communities is a key driver of long-term change.  By breaking down the barriers of class and social status, it levels the paying field and creates opportunities for deserving young people to rise above social inequality and reach their full potential.

BECSLink provides opportunities for these young people by creating and nurturing BECSLink Communities: symbiotic groups of similarly located and focussed Businesses, Educational institutions, Charities and Sports & Arts organisations with a shared incentive to profitably do good.

Crucial to our approach is the idea that all organisations involved should benefit from the relationship, while they help the lives of young people. Also, we believe every BECSLink community needs to be sustainable in the long term.

To this end, we provide advice and guidance through tailored corporate social responsibility and corporate community investment consulting.

Making lasting connections

Our Team Members

Richard Garrett

Chief Executive Officer

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Lewis North

Technical Director

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Company Secretary

Not just connections, but the right connections

What we offer

BECSLink is committed to the prosperity of Britain’s youth, and by helping concerned parties make a real difference, we can ensure our children have a brighter future.

Our emphasis is on building and developing communities of organisations with a true social mobility agenda. This means connecting your business or organisation with others that are right for you. We provide advice and guidance on industry best practices, assist with planning, marketing and fundraising for community-focused projects, as well as develop corporate social responsibility templates for you to build on.

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